The Natural Deodorant Co. Proudly Support CoppaFeel!

The Natural Deodorant Co. are proud supporters of the breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel!

Our partnership has been created with the aim to raise awareness about just how important it is to get to know your body better, and to encourage and empower all people to detect breast cancer early.

All people of all ages, regardless of gender, have breast tissue, and early detection of symptoms of breast cancer are crucial to successful treatment. We believe that our natural deodorants and the application method of using your hands, are a great compliment to a regular checking routine, and it is our hope that we can be a part of giving people the confidence to take charge of their health, all while smelling fresh all day long.

To support their work The Natural Deodorant Co. is donating 10% of sales from our website of all Clean Deodorant Balm Palmarosa + Mandarin natural deodorants (both full size and Mini size) to CoppaFeel!

Since we became advocates for the work CoppaFeel! do we have received many messages from people who use our deodorants, many of them finding them to be “life-changing”.

Dedicating just 5 minutes to checking yourself is an easy way to begin getting to know your body. Simply becoming more familiar with what your chest area, rib cage, collarbones, and your underarms feel like is important. If you notice changes then we encourage you to get checked out by a doctor.

Visit the Self Checkout site by CoppaFeel! for more information.

We hope you will join us in supporting CoppaFeel! on their mission to leave no chest unchecked.

Stay fresh,

The Natural Deodorant Co. Team

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