Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

You’d be forgiven for being unsure of the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant. 

As a general rule, antiperspirant uses aluminium salts to stop sweat from leaving your pores, and deodorant acts as an antibacterial on the skins outer layers. The antibacterial ingredients found in deodorant range from simple alcohol to essential oils and mineral salts such as sodium bicarbonate.

Until recently, natural deodorant was a bit like antiperspirants less-cute-friend. It wasn’t as long lasting or effective and most people wouldn’t consider trying it. 

Today, the tides have turned.

Of course, hygiene remains absolutely paramount for the majority of people, but there is now an increasing interest in health and wellbeing which has been further emphasised during the pandemic. Combine this with the bad press that mainstream antiperspirants have received in recent years, and you’ll see why natural deo has become the popular choice.

So, why are people making the switch?

  • Our deodorants are effective immediately after application, whereas antiperspirant doesn’t start working until a few hours later, which is why you’re told to apply antiperspirant right before going to bed, so you’re protected in the morning.
  • All day odour protection, from a 100% natural formula. There’s no longer a need to compromise on effectiveness.
  • Our deodorant balms moisturise and hydrate your skin- so no more chalky, tight underarms! We believe that underarm skin is just as important as the rest of your body, though it’s often overlooked. We use coconut and shea extracts in our deodorant balms to ensure they glide on and help repair tired, stressed-out pits.
  • No white, powdery spray = no white marks on clothes.
  • Instead of aluminium salts, we use natural minerals and salts to soak up wetness and eliminate odour-causing bacteria. Rather than blocking your pores, these very fine powder ingredients remain on the skin to fight bacteria all day long.

So with long-lasting protection, creamy, skin-loving formulas, gorgeous fragrances and (of course) plastic free packaging, our range of deodorant balms seem like the obvious choice 🙂

Still on the fence? Try our (plastic free) samples 

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