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I’m Laurie. Mother, Wife and Clean Beauty Obsessive.


Loves: my little family, smelling good, sunshine, organic food, 80’s movie, beach holidays.

Laurie Sanders - Natural Deodorant Co.

The Natural Deodorant Co. journey essentially began in 2006 when I made the switch to organic food. When I read that the body absorbs more than 60% of what is applied to it I quickly realised that my bathroom cabinet needed a detox too. I didn’t want to put products on my skin that I didn’t want in my body.


Back then there were limited options, and the options there were didn’t match mainstream brands in terms of performance. Deodorant was the one product that always let me down. Initially I tried to deal with the distinct lack of effective, natural deodorants on the market but as time went on I became wholly dissatisfied with the choice on the market. Smelling good is so important to me, it’s a ‘need’ as opposed to a ‘want’. I need to know that even on days when I throw my hair in a top knot and pull on some sweatpants, I still smell good.


The process of creating the perfect natural deodorant took longer than I thought it would. Testing, retesting, swapping one ingredient for another until it was exactly right. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years I am very aware of how crucial texture, scent and smooth application are.


As soon as I decided that I wanted to launch The Natural Deodorant Co., I knew I also wanted the packaging to be unlike all the other natural deodorants I had seen. Deodorant is likely the most used product on our bathroom shelf, but it gets a lot less loving. I’m drawn to beautiful design, and wanted our deodorants to look as attractive as other modern brands I love out there.


I hope you’ll enjoy having our aesthetically pleasing pots on your bathroom shelf, and I know once you try our formulations you won’t look back.