Refillable Deodorant

Here at The Natural Deodorant Co. we are not just on a mission to deliver the most effective and the highest quality, truly natural deodorants to your armpits, but to do so sustainably and to do away with single-use plastic in people’s bathrooms.

Unfortunately only 52% of people in the UK recycle their bathroom products, compared to the 90% who say they recycle kitchen products. Despite the fact that recycling your empties is easier than ever, beauty products account for 30-40% of all landfill waste in the UK!

However because our glass jars are infinitely recyclable, we set up our own circular recycling scheme where you can return your used jars to us for a refill of your favourite natural deodorant.

Here’s How It Works

  • Wait until you have 6 empty jars to return.
  • Clean the jars well with dish soap and water, and remove the label fully.
  • Dry the jars thoroughly, ready for packing.
  • Package the jars up carefully to avoid breakages.
  • Email our Customer Service Team and let them know how many jars you are returning and your name (very important).
  • You will be sent a unique prepaid shipping label for your jar return.
  • Once we have received and inspected your empties we will send you out a 15% off discount code to use on your next order.

Don’t Want To Return Your Jars?

Every element of our product packaging is recyclable so if you don’t wish to return your jars to us you can recycle everything in your household waste.

Glass Jars

We use glass for all of our 55g deodorants but glass does have pros and cons. Pro, it’s infinitely recyclable and not a fossil fuel based material but con, when created as a virgin material (a material first created from a raw natural one) it’s quite energy intensive and made from sand which is not a renewable source.


We then add a biodegradable label crafted from linen, hemp and 95% sugarcane bi-product fibres, the labels can be made without the need for wood-based fibres usually utilised to produce most papers. This sustainable solution also uses less raw material, less energy and less waste. We opted for a temporary adhesive, so the labels soak off well allowing for easier cleaning and recycling.

Metal Lids

Our lids are metal. They are often confused for plastic lids because they have such a smooth appearance, but rest assured, they are not plastic!

Our lids are made from coated tinplate. They are often confused for plastic lids because they have such a smooth appearance, but rest assured, they are not plastic!

Got a question about the returns process or recycling any of our products? Email us [email protected]

Thank you!

The Natural Deodorant Co. Team

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