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I have often said that natural deodorant is like a ‘gateway’ into the world of natural/sustainable living. It’s usually one of the very first things that people think about changing- probably because of all the uncomplimentary things the press say about regular antiperspirants, I guess. And let’s face it, changing our facial skincare routine is terrifying. Armpits are more inconspicuous. 
If you’ve found yourself here looking for a bit more information on our award-winning natural deos, you’ll find exciting news, launches and brand gossip in amongst product tips.
I don’t believe that anyone has got natural/eco/zero-waste living down pat. But a lot of people trying to do something for the planet, is infinitely better than just a few people living ‘perfectly’. With that in mind, I’ll share more of what we’re doing to operate sustainably at NDC HQ.
First up, an exciting launch- and better yet it’s one of ours. 
I’m very excited to say that The Natural Deodorant Co can now be found online at Holland + Barratt (link to: https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/brands/natural-deodorant-co/). This is such an exciting step for us and we’re thrilled that our deos have arrived on the high street. Right now we’re online, and we should *crosses fingers* be rolling out into select stores by Spring.
Please do head over there and buy as many of our products as your virtual carts can carry! 

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