Six Quick Underarm Facts from The Natural Deodorant Co. Experts

Happy Monday! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful start to your week. We receive questions every day about underarm skin, cream deodorants & conventional antiperspirants. We decided it was high time that we got this information down on ‘virtual’ paper to help you guys make informed decisions. Keep your eyes peeled over the next three days as we continue our series of quick-read topics and discover the #naturaldeoco difference. Sweating is an essential bodily function- even though most people are very keen to avoid talking about it. It allows us to cool down when we’re hot, and some scientists believe it was one of the ways in which we attracted a mate (before Tinder). But wanting a fresh smelling bod is not a new thing. The ancient Egyptians invented the art of scented bathing and also used to spray themselves with perfume so it’s safe to say beautifully fresh underarms are a pretty universal human need! In the small hollow of your armpit, amazing things are happening.
  • This warm little nook is home to a large number of lymph nodes and sweat glands.
  • Your underarm (axillary) lymph nodes are separated into two clusters. They are an important part of your body’s immune system because they produce a variety of immune cells called lymphocytes that fight infection.
  • The armpit is also home to the highest density of sweat glands – around 500,000!
  • These sweat glands are primarily designed to keep you cool. The idea that we sweat to expel toxins from the body is slightly misguided. A tiny amount of toxins may leave the body via sweat- but detoxifying is the job of the liver and kidneys. So you can’t really ‘sweat out’ last nights bottle of Rioja.
  • Millions of bacteria live on the skin under our arms (the scientific term for this is a ‘microbiome’). In fact, there are approximately 1 million bacteria per square inch of underarm skin. It must be like the Central line on a Friday evening.
  • Sweat in itself is odourless (who knew?!) but when bacteria interacts with sweat, it causes body odour.
  • As you may have noticed we love underarms and we want them to be HAPPY. That’s why we developed our range of skin-loving deodorants. Find them here.
Remember to check out tomorrow’s post with the science behind antiperspirants. Stay fresh out there! Laurie xx

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