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Let’s play a game. Name five body products that you apply with a stick/roll on in your daily routine… Would it be fair to say that you could only come up with one- or two at most? Until recently you may have believed that the ‘normal way’ to apply deodorant was via a stick or spray, and yet we apply plenty of other products with our fingertips on a daily basis. Foundation, hair serum, face oil and countless other body products would feel odd to apply via a stick. The ingredients wouldn’t sink in and the application would be haphazard. This is also true for deodorant! Despite the popularity of our cream deodorant, we still sometimes receive questions asking when we’ll be making stick. So I decided to clear up some misconceptions and explain why I’m SO in love with our cream deodorants.
  • Our deodorants are not in a pot because we haven’t made sticks yet. Sticks are easy to make, but they’re in pots because we think cream deodorant is the very best option.
  • We don’t think a stick is as hygienic as a cream. You can’t wash a stick- you can wash your hands.
  • Sticks almost always come in plastic tubes and the cardboard ones we’ve seen didn’t meet our expectations as they got messy quickly. We’re very happy with our beautiful glass pots and wouldn’t consider making something in a plastic tube for environmental reasons.
Your underarms are home to the highest number of sweat and lymph glands on your body and they contain hundreds of hair follicles. With such a lot going on under there, it makes perfect sense that we should get acquainted with this important part of our own body. Cream deodorant allows you to get know your underarms and ensure the product is properly applied. An unexpected benefit to our cream deodorants came to light shortly after launching The Natural Deodorant Co, when we started to hear from customers who had discovered our product following breast cancer treatment.

“Your deodorant reminds me to check myself everyday!”

We were so happy to have created a product that could be used in this way, and earlier this year we approached CoppaFeel, the UK charity dedicated to encouraging women to check their breasts and raise awareness of how this practice saves lives through early detection. We now proudly display their logo on our homepage and encourage everyone to learn about the important work that CoppaFeel do. So when people ask us if we’d consider putting our cream deodorants into a stick, the answer is always the same- it’s not our thing. But if you’re willing to try our cream deodorants we’re confident you’ll be a convert in no time. Laurie xx

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