The Best Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers

We’ve pulled together the best eco-friendly stocking fillers for everyone on your list. So that you can treat the ones you love, while still looking after the planet.

It’s happening! Christmas is just around the corner!

If you’re already staring at a box full of neatly wrapped presents, then this may not be the post for you. But, if you’re still manically scrolling through Google looking for ideas, we’re here to help.

Very Veggie Christmas

Christmas presents that don’t get used are a little pointless. They’re more likely to end up in landfill too.

We’re all guilty of buying the same food over and over again, and eating the same meals. Branching out can lead to more variety on the dinner table, and getting different vitamins and minerals in our diets. So, slip a little something in their stocking that you know will be helpful with a voucher for an organic veg box! Oddbox is a great option, as they also focus on using perfectly tasty veg that supermarkets reject.

Picnic Ready?

Ok, so you’re probably not thinking about picnics right now, but a bamboo cutlery set fits easily in a stocking and comes in a variety of cute packaging. It also means they won’t be caught short with a yoghurt and no spoon in the middle of a field. Which is a pretty good gift if you ask us.

The Write Way:

Even though we make notes on our phones now, we’re often scrabbling around for a pencil. Eco stationery is becoming a lot easier to find these days, and some of it is pretty cool. Like these pencils made out of discarded CD cases. Bringing new life to our old listening habits. (Here at NDCo HQ we need to find out if we can send them all of our old NOW albums!)

We’ve pulled together the best eco-friendly stocking fillers for everyone on your list.

Wipe & Go

With stories of baby wipe laden ‘fatbergs’ stalking the sewers, it’s time we all made the switch from disposable packets to something a little kinder on the planet. Reusable makeup wipes are also kinder on our faces and our wallets, so it’s a triple win! You can find some gorgeous sets like these. Or you could even make your own if you’re handy with a needle and thread!

BAM underwear/socks

No stocking is complete without a pair of socks! While they might get a bad wrap as the least inspired of Christmas gifts, a good pair of socks can make your day (ok, so we are getting old!). Made from sustainable bamboo, BAM’s socks are soft, cosy, and hardwearing. They also come in cute little sock tubes, which are easy to wrap and look very classy.

For the friend who has everything…

If you have one of those people on your list who’s impossible to buy for then this ones for you. If they’ve got everything then why not make a charity donation in their name. It’s a planet-friendly and people-friendly option, with no waste, and the warm fuzzy feeling of contributing to a good cause. Money Saving Expert have a great list of different options this Christmas. 

Buy from small businesses online or local

As always, one of the best ways you can care for the planet, and real-life people is to buy your gifts from small businesses. Take a wander and discover the gems on your local high street. This is even more ideal if you’re last minute shopping, since there’s no shipping time needed!

Stay Fresh Out There

If there’s still some room in your budget, or your Santa sack, then why not gift your favourite deodorant? Share your favourite scent or go for our mini bundle including one each of our clean, gentle, and active ranges. 

Who doesn’t love moisturised armpits, and delicious scents as they get ready for their Christmas party?

Now, get wrapping!

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