The Best Morning Gym Skin Routine

You’re dedicated to your morning gym sessions, they set you up for the day and help you feel awake, productive and happy.

We’re meant to move regularly (hello cavemen ancestors!) and, as an added bonus, it turns out exercise can be good for your skin too! We love it when science gives us an excuse to add another Barre class to the schedule! In a 2015 study published by Aging Cell, researchers found that it can help reduce the effects of aging on your skin.

While the gym and/or working out is a great thing for body and mind, it can wreak havoc with our skin. Read on to find out how to create the best morning gym skin routine.

How to look after your skin pre-workout

  • Don’t work out in makeup

Hopefully you’ll have taken it off the night before as part of your regular evening skincare routine. But, you know what, life happens. We’re not judging. Just make sure that before you head to the gym you’ve washed off your smokey eye. Working out in makeup can lead to irritated skin and breakouts, neither of which are something you need.

  • Don’t wash your face…

If you’re working out first thing in the morning and your skin is clean, don’t wash it again before you head to your class. Frankly, doing your whole skincare routine before you then go and sweat it all off is a waste of money and you’ll be throwing all your expensive products down the drain (or rubbing them off on your gym towel).

…unless you’re working out a little later

If you’re planning a mid-morning (or post school-run) gym visit then cleansing your face properly first thing is important. Your pores open up as you sweat, and so the dirt and make-up from the day will sink into your skin. You’re running the risk of breakouts, irritation and affecting your skin’s delicate microbiome. But stick with a gentle cleanser so you don’t upset your skin before your workout.

  • Use sunscreen

If you’re out for a run, or heading to a park bootcamp then you need to make sure your skin is protected from the elements, even if it’s cold. Choose a mineral and reef-safe sunscreen like this one from Green People. The best thing about mineral sunscreen is it starts working the moment you apply it – no need to wake up any earlier to give it time to sink in. Great for you early birds getting in 5k before dawn!

  • Apply an effective deodorant 

Sure, sweat is normal (especially if you’ve just made it through a hot yoga class), but you don’t want to knock out your classmates. Our active range is specially formulated to hold up through your HIIT class. We use the most effective natural ingredients to combat your body odour, whatever you’re doing.

The Best Morning Gym Skin Routine https://naturaldeoco.com/active-deodorant-balm/

Tips for your post-workout skincare routine

You’ve hit your PB, crushed the Bodypump class, and you’re listening to your cool down track while heading to the changing rooms. How can you care for your skin after the gym?

  • Wash your face gently

Sure, you know how to wash your face right? You’ve been doing it since your mum started badgering you to do it yourself every morning before school. But there are things to consider after the gym. 

  • Use cool water: your skin needs to cool down after exercise just like your muscles. Tepid water helps it do this.
  • Pat it dry: don’t rub your face with a towel. Your skin is already irritated and red from the sweat and exertion so don’t make it worse!

And the rest of your body

We get it, you’re busy. But please, for the sake of your skin (and maybe the person sitting next to you on the tube) shower after your workout! Leaving sweat and dirt on your skin is a recipe for redness, irritation, and breakouts – all over your body. Pack a plastic free body wash bar and lather up.

  • Go through your full skincare routine

Now is the time to cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise. With the added bonus that your open pores will help the products be absorbed much more effectively. Best to stick to a mild cleanser, to avoid irritation, and a lightweight moisturiser because you’ll probably still be quite warm!

Yup, this again (Well, it’s kind of our thing!). Pick one of our gorgeous scents that will moisturize your armpits after all that lifting, and make sure that your transition from gym to office is embarrassment-free. 

  • Change your clothes

Sure, athleisure is a thing now, and we’ve all been used to working from home for a while now so it’s pretty easy to stay in your leggings all day. But the moisture-wicking clothes that serve you so well on the squat rack, are the perfect warm and damp breeding ground for bacteria. The best idea? Take a spare outfit with you to change into after a shower, and if it’s another pair of leggings- brilliant! 🙂

So, now you can work on your lunges without sacrificing clear and happy skin. We’re off to our battle ropes class – see you there?

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