Why We’re Fragrance Free

As you scroll through your feed or browse the pages of your favourite magazine (online or in real-life pages), I’m sure you’ve noticed more and more articles, adverts, and posts about fragrance free skincare. Fragrance free skincare is growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Read on to find out why we’re fragrance free.

We’re all thinking a little bit more about what is in everything. We’re learning more about the chemicals on our food, the microplastics in our clothes, the packaging around our peaches and the ingredients in our skincare. 

But why is it such a big deal, and how can you make sure you know what you’re using? Read on for the lowdown on all things fragrance, and why here at The Natural Deodorant Co. we chose to be fragrance free.

Why Synthetic Fragrance Can Be A Problem

Synthetic fragrances can be tricky little blighters. We’re not into scaremongering but we do love science, and recent research about the effect of synthetic fragrances on our respiratory systems, neurological development and skin is hard to ignore.

Alcohol and fragrance free options are kinder to your skin, to the environment, and to others. And, even if you haven’t bought one of those slogan jumpers during 2020, you know that the world needs more people to be kind.

Your Skin

Synthetic fragrances are often irritants. Even if you have the least sensitive skin in the world and mosquitos give up mid-bite, fragrances can still affect you. Allergy to fragrance is the most common cause of contact dermatitis in cosmetics.

And if you already have existing skin concerns, such as eczema, then fragranced products can exacerbate the problem.

Our Planet

As much as we’re passionate about keeping your underarms happy, it’s not just your skin that can be affected. The chemicals that make up fragrance don’t get broken down through sewerage treatment. In fact, researchers have found they accumulate in the tissues and organs of fish and other marine life. Not only can this impact the wildlife itself, but it can also contaminate the food chain. 

The Natural Deodorant Co. work hard at being an ethical and conscious brand, so we only create fragrance-free vegan skincare. We want our products to be kind to the planet all the way through their life cycle.

How can I work out what’s in my skincare?

The thing is, it’s not always that easy to figure out what’s going on. Look at a list of ingredients on many big brand skin care products and you can’t even tell what the fragrance is and what other ingredients really are either. When you see the word “fragrance” or “parfum” in tiny letters on the back of your body wash or deodorant it usually means there’s a long list of fragrance ingredients, some of which companies work hard to keep a secret. 

If you’re going to make an informed choice, then you need transparency, and that relies on using natural ingredients, rather than big long lists of chemicals and Latin words that the average person would have to spend 3 hours of Google searching for (and still probably wouldn’t understand what it did for their underarms).

We don’t want you to need a PhD to read our ingredient lists. You need simple and clear information about what you’re putting on your skin. So that’s what we provide. You can find a complete list of all our ingredients on each product page (and we’ve popped the English in after the Latin so you don’t have to spend a term at Cambridge).

We fragrance our natural deodorants using only 100% plant, fruit and flower extracts.
We fragrance our natural deodorants using only 100% plant, fruit and flower extracts.

What about Essential Oils?

“But, you must use some sort of fragrance?”

And we do. We use essential oils to make our products smell so gorgeous that you can’t wait to get ready in the morning.

“Are essential oils considered fragrance?”

The short answer is no. Essential oils are a 100% natural, concentrated liquid/resin directly extracted from a plant, tree or flower. They don’t contain any synthetic aromas or chemicals, so they are a wonderful way of adding totally natural scents to your natural deodorant!

As well as smelling gorgeous, they also have all sorts of fascinating therapeutic benefits. There’s a reason that plants and extracts have been natural remedies for centuries.

But if you’d rather not…

As with any product that is derived from plants, some people may still experience skin irritation. And, some essential oils have been linked to hormone-related changes, which is why pregnant women are advised to avoid them. 

We want to make sure all our customers have the option of beautifully moisturised and fresh smelling armpits. So, with this in mind, we created Gentle Deodorant Cream Coconut + Shea. It’s completely fragrance free, and essential oil-free.

How to smell amazing

Whether you’re going fragrance-free for ethical or health reasons, you should still be able to smell amazing. 

Our sense of smell is linked more strongly to our memory than any of the other 4. That’s why a whiff of freshly cut grass can take you back to when you were running through the fields behind your house aged 8. Or that particular scent of hot tarmac after rain takes you back to playground games. 

We know that smell means a lot, and so we’ve taken inspiration from natural essential oils and created a range of sumptuously scented deodorants. That way you can find one that suits your mood and your memories.

Grapefruit and Mint

For all you night owls out there, this vibrant deodorant will get you up and awake enough for your early morning yoga class! Uplifting mint and tangy grapefruit energize your body and wake up your groggy head. 


One from our gentle range, this relaxing creamy balm harnesses the power of lavender essential oil to relax and calm you, while being super-soft on your skin. If you’re gearing up for a stressful day at work then you can rely on this scent to chill you out.

For Men

Made especially for our male customers, this crisp and clean smelling deodorant is infused with fresh lime and spearmint essential oils to fight annoying odour all day long. As far away from floral as you can get, you’ll smell clean, without overpowering the room.

We want to help you keep your bathroom cabinet as skin-friendly, planet-friendly, and standing next to your boss-friendly as possible. If something can be done without synthetic ingredients, then we’ll do it.

Join the “Fragrance-Free” revolution – you’ll love it over here!

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